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Christa Abdul-Karim

Dr. Christa Abdul-Karim

Adjunct Instructor

  • Social Sciences Division
Office Hours
Mon 1:30-2:30
Wed 1:30-2:30

I am originally from Michigan and did my undergraduate work at Grand Valley State University in cultural anthropology with an emphasis on political science.  I migrated to Washington State to attend graduate school at Washington State University, where I completed my MA and PhD in anthropology.  

Since completing my PhD, I have worked as an adjunct instructor both at LCSC and at WSU.  At LCSC, I have taught/teach Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, World Prehistory, Ethnography of Africa, and Race and Ethnicity.  Because of my eductional background and research interests, my classes have a strong focus on globalization, development, and politics.  

I am interested in how global forces, in particular the political system in the United States, impact local decision making in Southern Africa, specifically Zambia.  In what ways do development projects shape people’s access to land, food, health, nutrition, and culture?  How is an individual’s ability to influence the development process or even knowledge of existing developmental structure, i.e. the organizations working in a community connected with social power, social standing, ability to access networks, and wealth?  How much of a voice local populations have on environmental issues, especially with Africa’s attempts at development?  My next research project is a comparative look at this topic using local (in-land Pacific Northwest) environmental concerns.