Daniel Estrada

Daniel A Estrada, M.A.G.

Adjunct Instructor GIS and Remote Sensing

  • MLH 120B
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics Division
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My field of interests are based in transportation systems and specifically related to commuter rail systems. I am interested in why people choose certain modes of transportation and their travel behavior. I am also well versed in GIS systems. 

My current interest is in mobile data collection using smart devices including UAS. As technology advances smart phones and other smart devices are advancing in locational accuracy. Maps and data collection are being used more and more by everyday people. 

I earned my Masters of Applied Geography with an emphasis on Transportation Planning at New Mexico State University. I worked as a contractor for the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. before working for the Idaho Transportation Department District 2 Office in Lewiston, Idaho. I currently work for the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer in the Water Resources Allocation Program upgrading their GIS systems where I am helping to create a GIS based system to help with Active Water Resource Management. 

I love the LC Valley and I enjoy sharing my knowledge to the students that are interested in learning more about GIS.