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Well now that I am writing this (2019) I feel kind of old…I first set foot on LC’s campus in the fall of 1978 as a newly minted freshman straight out of high school and over the next ensuing four decades I have been here for roughly 34 or 35 of those 40 years.  Feeling old aside, it has been one of my most rewarding experiences watching the growth LCSC has achieved.  In the fall of 1978 the L and C stood for Last Change State College and through the decades Last Chance evolved into one to the most respected four year institutions in the nation.  Now we are LC State! Go Warriors!

It is a pipe dream of mine, but since I arrived as a faculty member in 1991 there has been talk of LC offering graduate degree programs and I would really like to see that happen before I retire.

I believe one of my main strengths as a teacher is, in addition to excelling at educational pursuits I have also experiences, I also know what it is like to flunk out of college.  Which makes me the poster boy for starting over.  I went from feeling like I was the most ignorant and unprepared student in the building and being told my presence was no longer required to successfully earning four degrees: two undergraduate and two post graduate.

That said, my interests are in human interaction and how and why people do and say the things they do.  My academic background covers a wide range of disciplines include communication, history, sociology, psychology, geology and physics just to name a few.  I consider myself an expert in the fields of communication and human relations and the others I believe I am fairly knowledgeable in.

Over the years I have taught a wide variety courses including: Introduction to the Social Sciences, Applied Economics, Consumer Economics, Human Relations in Organizations, Diversity in Organizations, Diversity in the Media, Interpersonal Communication, various versions of Public Speaking, Communication Theory, Organizational Theory, Organizational Communication, Conflict Management, the Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication/the Dark Side of Human Relations, and Public Relations.  Some of these courses I taught in my capacity as a lecturer at the University of Idaho (2003-2017).

Additionally, over the years I have worked with many businesses in the area offering workshops and training in the areas of conflict management, teamwork, leadership, interpersonal relating and Myers-Briggs Typology.

Please take a course from me—we can learn and grow together.