Prof. Rebeca N Marquez, MBA

Adjunct Professor
Business Consultant

  • TJH 126
  • Business Division
Office Hours
Mon 7pm - 10:30pm
Wed 7pm - 10:30pm


Professor Marquez is an experienced finance manager with an MBA in Finance, a BBA in Accounting, and a BS in Economics.  She has successfully completed all four parts of the CPA exams and is currently working toward her Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) license.  Rebeca is strongly skilled in strategic planning, financial analysis, business reporting, MS Excel, corporate training, and complex problem-solving. She has innovative thinking skills, can think outside of the box, and has the remarkable ability to see aspects of business problems that other people do not. 

Professor Marquez looks forward to ensuring students’ understanding of foundational concepts, as it is an important part of education, and also challenge their intellectual development; encouraging transformations in their thinking, behavior, and modes of relating to others. In a business setting, students will be expected to relate to all types of people: from the uneducated general public, to the elite professionals of Fortune 500 companies; from the small business owners of non-profits to our government civil servants in Moscow, ID. No matter how prestigious or common a student's career path may be, integrity and professionalism in relating to other business professionals are of utmost importance.