Terryn Berry

Terryn L. Berry, MA in TESL


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Education and Work Experience

I have been an educator now for almost 30 years, teaching English Composition at several colleges in several countries.  Having earned my undergraduate degree in Agricultural Chemistry (Agronomy) from Washington State University in Pullman, I worked in the private sector for a short time and a Lab Tech.  In addition to working in laboratories and on college campuses, I have worked in industry, been an editor of a scholarly journal, and tutored students of all ages and from many countries with philanthropic organizations, such as E.Z.R.A. in Israel and the United Nations in India.  I have traveled and worked in 10 countries, the United Kingdom, France, India, Israel, Pakistan, Egypt, Mexico, to name just a few—I would recommend travel to everyone.  These adventures gave me some of the happiest times in my life.

My experiences traveling and teaching overseas led me to pursue graduate work in English at the University of Idaho in Moscow.  Apart from a short teaching assignment in Israel, I’ve taught almost exclusively in local colleges since graduating from the UI in 1989.  During this time, avenues to teach writing associated with technical fields opened up to me due to my science education and varied work experience.   I feel very at home with this kind of writing and with technical audiences.

 Things I Love to Do

Apart from my professional experience and education, I am a parent, farmer, minimalist, traveler, voracious reader, volunteer with youth organizations such as Pony Club and 4-H, and gamer.  My work with young people and students has been a fulfilling part of my professional experience.  So many quality organizations need volunteer parents.  I am honored to have been a part of two of these exceptional youth programs for over 12 years.

My son is currently enrolled at LCSC, and with only four semesters left, he is excited to be seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel” so-to-speak.  I have raised goats (meat and dairy varieties) and other livestock for a good portion of my life, but have lightened the load a bit recently and keep only a few goats and chickens.  I believe in living in a way that’s considerate of other beings on this planet.  In my opinion, less is definitely more.  You can imagine how much a college educator must read, so I need no elaborate on that, but perhaps my guilty pleasure is playing an MMORPG with my 84 year old dad on a fairly regular basis.