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Online classes at Lewis-Clark State College are currently delivered via Canvas™.

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How to Access Canvas

Direct access to LCSC Canvas: 


Bookmark the Canvas login page for quick access!

LCSC Canvas is also accessible from the LCSC homepage (www.lcsc.edu). 

Go to “Quicklinks” in the upper left, and the link for Canvas is included.


Access Canvas

Canvas Username and Password

Username: Your WarriorWeb ID, which is typically the first part of your LCMail (Example: bbwarrior)

Don't know what your Canvas username is?
Go to WarriorWeb and follow the "What's my User ID?" process.

Password: The first time you log in to Canvas, you will need to request the password be reset.

  • Use the "Forgot Password?" link on the LCSC Canvas login page to set up your password.
  • Enter your username when prompted in the field.
  • Check your LCMail and follow the instructions in the email to set your password. (It may take 30 minutes to receive this email and it may file into junk or clutter, so check all places.)
    • After 30 minutes, you haven't received an email from Canvas (Instructure), please reach out to Canvas by clicking the "Help" button on the main log in page, or by calling the Canvas Support Hotline at 866-691-2781.


Canvas Support

If you are having trouble logging into Canvas, or with using Canvas, please contact Canvas Support.  If you can't sign in you can click 'Help' on the LC State Canvas Log-in page.

Help Button

Or, if you are signed in and need assisantance, click the help icon at the bottom left in the global navgation menu.


Here you will find many options to receive assistance for the issue(s) you are having.

  • Chat with Canvas Support - A fast, direct line to Canvas Support
  • Call Canvas Support - 866-691-2781
  • Report a Problem - Here you can submit a ticket for non-emergent issues
  • Search the Canvas Guides - If you have some time to research your problem, the answer is here!