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Welcome to the monthly newsletter from e-Learning Services!  Full of bites (or bytes) of information to help faculty and staff in the online course world.

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  • Content Transfers to Canvas
  • Canvas Media Recording Tool
  • Thank you, Pioneers!
  • Incomplete Grades for Spring 2020 - Move to Canvas

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  • Canvas information
  • Access for All

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Content Transfers to Canvas

e-Learning Services would like to remind you of a few things regarding content transfers to Canvas.

  • By default, we will copy Fall 2019 content for Fall 2020 courses.  If you would like something other than Fall 2019, please email your request to e-learning@lcsc.edu.
    • You must include the Course Name, Course ID, Course Section Number and Semester for all courses referenced in requests.

  • If you need content copied from a course taught by another instructor, your Division Chair must email his or her approval of the request to your division’s lead instructional designer.
  • e-Learning Services and LCSC IT will have access to archived Blackboard courses taught between Spring 2015 and Spring 2020 after Blackboard access ends June 5th.  Should you need content from any semester between this timeframe for future semesters in Canvas, you can email requests to your instructional designer.
  • Any “Incomplete” grades assigned for Spring 2020 will be completed in Canvas (see sidebar for more information).

Today’s Tech Byte: Canvas Media Recording Tool

Canvas has a built-in media recording tool that allows you to record a video and place it on a page of content.  At this time, the tool does not allow you to add closed captions.  Please continue to record videos using Snagit or other recording tools (cell phone, iPad, webcam, etc.), post them to your YouTube channel, and use YouTube’s captioning features to add accurate, time-synced captions.  Then, embed your recording into a page in Canvas by copy/pasting the video link using the rich content editor in Canvas.

Thank you, Pioneers!

e-Learning Services would like to thank the brave men and women who pioneered their courses in Canvas for the Spring 2020 semester.  Their feedback and input has been instrumental to e-Learning Services being able to prepare the rest of campus for Canvas.

“Incomplete” grades for Spring 2020 Blackboard Courses

Students who are assigned a grade of “Incomplete” for a Spring 2020 Blackboard course will complete the coursework in Canvas.  

Once 2020SP grades have posted, e-Learning Services will close access to 2020SP Blackboard classes. e-Learning will prioritize archiving 2020SP sections with Incomplete grades assigned and exporting them to Canvas. A course with an Incomplete will get any submitted student work and an export of the Bb Grade Center in the Files section of the Canvas course. It will be up to faculty to vet the content in Canvas to be certain it’s ready for students – please reach out to your instructional designer for assistance.

The Incomplete-bearing courses will become available to students on June 8, 2020, in Canvas (we can adjust that on a case-by-case basis if an instructor has a course ready sooner). The course will become unavailable to them on the day the incomplete is set to expire (which the faculty set when the Incomplete request is sent to the Registrar’s Office).

Please contact e-learning@lcsc.edu if you have any questions.

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