Lewis-Clark State College and Early College Programs are proud to offer annual professional development, scholarly activity, and collegiality for our Dual Credit teachers in the form of the Faculty Forum.

The 2021 Dual Credit Faculty Forum has been canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Further details on alternative professional-development opportunities will be distributed.

Attendance & Compliance Requirements

Teachers must attend the annual Faculty Forum professional development conference each year. A division-approved, alternate professional development activity may be used. However, such activities should be presented in rare circumstances. Further, it is the responsibility of the teacher to provide Early College Programs with the title, description, event materials, and date of the alternate activity.

  • Failure to participate in two consecutive Faculty Forums/professional development activities will result in a notice to the teacher and principal.
  • Failure to participate in three consecutive Faculty Forums/professional development activities may result in the cancellation of Dual Credit agreements and/or the decertification to offer Dual Credit courses.

Further, teacher non-compliance issues relative to Idaho State Board of Education or National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) standards may also result in the cancellation of Dual Credit courses/agreements.