IDLA-Idaho Digital Learning Alliance

Dual Credit Course 2020-2021 | Section #HSDL1

CourseSection NumberTitleCreditsYear/Term OfferedHigh School Instructor
AHLTH 130HSDL1Introduction to Allied Health2SpringShanna Brewer
AHLTH 130HSDL2Introduction to Allied Health2SpringKathryn Shoemaker
AHLTH 139HSDL1Nursing Assistant3Full YearSheri Holthaus
CITPT 112HSDL1Fundamentals of Programming3SpringTanya Gabrielson 
*ENGL 102HSDL1Writing and Rhetoric II3SpringRobert Selzler
*ENGL 102HSDL2Writing and Rhetoric II3SpringTraci Story
*ENGL 102HSDL3Writing and Rhetoric II3SpringEmily Cash
*ENGL 102HSDL5Writing and Rhetoric II3SpringTamara Hutton
*ENGL 102HSDL6Writing and Rhetoric II3SpringShea Tompson
MEDPT 173HSDL1Medical TerminologySpringSheri Holthaus

* GEM (General Education Matriculation) courses. These courses are accepted across all state institutions in Idaho.

Full Year courses - Students must be enrolled in these courses for both fall and spring semesters to receive credit.