Dual Credit Course 2020-2021 | Section #HS2J1

CourseSection NumberTitleCreditsYear/Term OfferedHigh School Instructor
BUS 101HS2J1Introduction to Business3Fall and SpringBradley Peterson
*COMM 204HS2J1Public Speaking3Fall and SpringSam Maynes
*ENGL 101HS2J1Writing and Rhetoric I3Full YearDerek Knoll
HIST 240HS2J1Native American History3SpringMary Lynn Walker
NP 109HS2J1Elementary Nez Perce Language Lab1Full YearThomas Gregory
NP 209HS2J1Intermediate Nez Perce Language LabFull YearThomas Gregory
SD 100HS2J1Introduction to College Studies1Fall and SpringJosh Nellesen
SD 210HS2J1Introduction to Career Development2Fall and SpringDerek Knoll

* GEM (General Education Matriculation) courses. These courses are accepted across all state institutions in Idaho.

Full Year courses - Students must be enrolled in these courses for both fall and spring semesters to receive credit.