Dual Credit Course 2020-2021 | Section #HS2L1

CourseSection NumberTitleCreditsYear/Term OfferedHigh School Instructor
ACCPT 231HS2L1Principles of Accounting I3Full YearJohn Potter
ACCPT 232HS2L1Principles of Accounting II3Full YearJohn Potter
AHLTH 139HS2L1Nursing Assistant3Full YearDebbie Wassmuth
AMFTI 290HS2L1DS: Automated Manufacturing Technology1-10Fall and SpringTerri Varnado
*ART 100HS2L1Introduction to Art3SpringChristopher Farnes
*BIOL 100HS2L1Concepts of Biology4Full YearTom Leachman
*BIOL 123HS2L1Biology in Film3Full YearJamie Morton
*BIOL 175HS2L1Human Biology4Full YearTom Leachman
BUS 101HS2L1Introduction to Business3Full YearJohn Potter
*CS 108HS2L1Intoduction to Computer Science4Full YearCyrinia Lockart
*ENGL 101HS2L1Writing and Rhetoric I3Full YearJamie Bakker
*ENGL 175HS2L1Literature and Ideas3Full YearJacob Dyer
ENGR 110HS2L1Solidworks-Computer Aided Drafting3Full YearTerri Varnado
ENGR 120HS2L1Engineering Fund Analysis and Design4Full YearTerri Varnado
*FSCI 101HS2L1Introduction to Forensic Science3Full YearAmy Chase
*GEOL 101HS2L1Physical Geology4Full YearJeff Karlin
KIN 248HS2L1Sports Medicine3Fall and SpringShannon Campbell
KIN 261 HS2L1Skill and Analysis: Court Sports (Individual & Dual Sports)1Fall and SpringPat Teichmer
KIN 262HS2L1Skill and Analysis: Field Sports (Team Sports)1Fall and SpringChris Meyer
KIN 262HS2L2Skill and Analysis: Field Sports (Team Sports)1Fall and SpringPat Teichmer
KIN 267HS2L1Skill and Analysis: Strength Development (WSSA/MAP)1Fall and SpringShawn Nilsson
KIN 267HS2L1Skill and Analysis: Strength Development (WSSA/MAP)1Fall and SpringJessica Shawley
KIN 268HS2L1Skill and Analysis: Core and Flexibility (DAYO)1Fall and SpringJessica Shawley
*MATH 147HS2L1College Algebra & TrigonometryFull YearDave Cornelia
*MATH 153HS2L1Statistical Reasoning3Full YearBrent Jacobs
*MTHPT 137HS2L1Math for Technology4SpringBrent Jacobs
*PHYS 205HS2L1Descriptive Astronomy4Full YearJeff Karlin
*PSYC 101HS2L1Introduction to General Psychology3Full YearMichael Jones
*PSYC 101HS2L2Introduction to General Psychology3Full YearJordan Lockard
SPAN 201HS2L1Intermediate Spanish I (Spanish 3)4Full YearCharity Egland
SPAN 202HS2L1Intermediate Spanish II (Spanish 4)4Full YearCharity Egland

* GEM (General Education Matriculation) courses. These courses are accepted across all state institutions in Idaho.

Full Year courses - Students must be enrolled in these courses for both fall and spring semesters to receive credit.