Alternate Route Certification Options

The Secondary Pathways for Accelerated Certification and Endorsement (PACE) Programs are pathways toward secondary teacher certification and endorsement. These pathways are intended for individuals who are changing careers, working as para-educators or substitute teachers, or non-traditional students who cannot attend a traditional campus program. To be a viable candidate for this program, the applicant must have acquired a bachelor’s degree.

Secondary Education
Each program is individually tailored to the applicant and requirements for completion are based on an initial evaluation of progress toward a degree or coursework and experience with youth.
Individuals considering PACE programs should begin by submitting a Request for Transcript Evaluation Form to the Teacher Education & Mathematics Division, along with copies of all transcripts from higher education institutions. 
Transcripts will be evaluated by the Division Program Assistant and an evaluation report will be emailed to the requestor. The evaluation report identifies content and pedagogy coursework for which the individual might receive credit and includes a list of coursework needed to achieve certification.  Also provided are directions for applying to the college and first steps toward class registration.
Evaluation form for the Online Secondary Pathway