Faculty Association

Benevolence Committee 2013-14

Benevolence Committee Members:
Amy Canfield
Eleanor Downey, Chair
Teri Rust
Samantha Thompson-Franklin


  1. To acknowledge loss and offer condolences to any member of the campus community.
  2. To offer financial or material assistance to faculty.


The Benevolence Committee shall be composed of three members of the Faculty Association selected by a vote of the Faculty Association. Members will serve on the committee for 3-year terms. The Chair of the Benevolence Committee will be elected by the Benevolence Committee yearly.

Benevolence Fund Recipients

  1. Any person of the extended campus community is eligible to receive flowers and/or a note of consolation at the discretion of the Benevolence Committee Chair.
  2. Faculty, as defined by the Faculty Constitution, shall be eligible for financial assistance. Adjunct faculty who fall outside the Faculty Constitution’s definition of faculty, shall, at the Committee's discretion, also be eligible for assistance.
  3. To be eligible for financial assistance the recipient should be experiencing an emergency with some financial or material need.


Any faculty member may report a need to the Chair of the Benevolence Committee. Division Chairs and the Human Resources department are encouraged to report any emergencies and/or need to the Chair of Benevolence Committee.

The Benevolence Committee Chair will send flowers and a note when appropriate.

For financial assistance the Chair will attempt to contact the potential financial recipient to find out the level of assistance needed and the level of information the individual wishes shared with the Committee and/or campus community. The Chair will gather information regarding the nature of the emergency and the type of assistance requested. The Chair will also ascertain that assistance would be welcome. The Chair will then convene the Committee to rule on any action to be taken.

At least two of the three committee members must agree on any action taken. The Faculty Association Chair may substitute and vote in place of a committee member if two of the three committee members are unavailable when a request must be considered.

Assistance Provided

Direct financial assistance from the Benevolence Committee is initially limited to a maximum of $300 per emergency. An initial limit is set to preserve fairness to faculty and provide a mechanism to ensure funds will exist for future emergencies. Additional financial assistance is at the discretion of the benevolence committee. The Faculty Association can change the initial aid amount by vote in an Association meeting. The benevolence committee is free to facilitate non-cash aid for individuals.

In cases where financial need is greater than the contribution made by the Benevolence Committee a direct fund raising campaign may be undertaken by the campus community. To facilitate direct fund raising on behalf of the recipient, an account may be set up in the name of the person (with the financial need) at the college or at a local bank or credit union. It may include the initial financial contribution by the Committee and any additional funds raised or donated by the campus community.

Any tax liabilities resulting from donations are solely the responsibility of the individual receiving aid.

Funding Sources

The Benevolence Committee is responsible for fund raising. Funding may come from a variety of sources. These sources may include, but are not limited to, direct donations to the Benevolence Committee fund, auctions, payroll deductions, textbook donations and other creative methods to raise money to help those in need. The Chair of the Benevolence Committee shall keep accurate accounts of all funds held and disbursed by the committee and report twice yearly to the Faculty Association. The Chair will also issue receipts to donors and recipients, when appropriate, for donations or disbursements to or from the benevolence account.

The Benevelence Fund Payroll Deduction Form is available from LCSC Human Resource Services.