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Faculty Senate

Standing Tenure & Promotion Review 2015-16

Description of committee from Constitution:
Six tenured faculty members (each from a different division), three of whom hold full professor rank, and a committee chair elected by Faculty Association in spring. Three-year terms with no consecutive terms.

Divison Tenure Status Rank Term (Years) Term                          
Amy Canfield SS Tenured Assoc. Professor 3 2013FA - 2016SP
Debbie Goodwin BUS Tenured Professor 3 2014FA - 2017SP
Krista Harwick NHS Tenured Assoc. Professor 3 2014FA - 2017SP
Rachel Jameton DONSAM Tenured Professor 3 2013FA - 2016SP
Eric Martin, Chair SS Tenured Professor 1 2015FA - 2016SP
Cliff Matousek EDKIN Tenured Professor 3 2015FA - 2018SP
Chris Norden HUM Tenured Professor 3 2014FA - 2017SP