Faculty Senate

Standing Tenure & Promotion Review 2017-18

Description of committee from Constitution:
Six tenured faculty members (each from a different division), three of whom hold full professor rank, and a committee chair elected by Faculty Association in spring. Three-year terms with no consecutive terms.

Divison Tenure Status Rank Term                          
Kerensa Allison SS Tenured Associate Professor 2016FA - 2019SP
Matt Brady  DONSAM Tenured Professor 2016FA - 2019SP
Brian Fonnesbeck NHS Tenured Associate Professor 2017FA - 2020SP
Rachel Jameton, Chair DONSAM Tenured Professor 2017FA - 2020SP
Nancy Lee-Painter HUM Tenured Professor 2017FA - 2020SP
Clay Robinson MaSS Tenured Professor 2016FA - 2019SP
Jill Thompson-Jorgensen BUS Tenured Associate Professor 2017FA - 2020SP