Financial Aid

I am a student do I submit my I-Time?

What paperwork does Human Resources (HR) need?

Where do I report the hours I have worked?

  • Hours are recorded in the state payroll system (I-Time).
  • Contact Payroll at (208) 792-2204 to receive your I-Time username and password.
  • After you receive your username and password, you log into I-Time at See How do I report the hours I have worked?

How do I report the hours I have worked?

  • Go to I-Time at
  • Click on Online Login.
  • Enter Username, Agency Code (511), and Password.
  • Click on I-Time.
  • Go to Enter Time.
  • Your supervisor will provide you with the correct codes to use.
  • The Time Code is REG for Irregular Help and JOB Work-study students.
  • The Time Code is WKS for Federal and State Work-study students.
  • If you work on a holiday, your Time Code will be HOW and all hours must be charged 100% to the department.
  • Work-Study students are not eligible for Holiday Pay.
  • After your have entered all hours worked, you will need to submit your I-Time for approval by your supervisor.
  • Your supervisor will need to approve your I-Time.
  • After your supervisor has approved your I-Time, the Financial Aid Office will verify the timecard.
  • After the Financial Aid Office verifies that regulations are being met, HR sends the I-Time to the state.


How do I split my hours on I-Time?

  • You must split your hours daily with 70% being charged to the Work-Study code and 30% being charged to your department's code.
    • The work-study hours (70%) up to 5.6 hours per day should go on line 1.
    • The department hours (30%) up to 2.4 hours per day should go on line 2.
  • If you worked more than 8 hours in a day, all hours will need to be charged to the department at 100% because I-Time cannot determine which program should pay the overtime.
    • Exception:  Students are allowed to split 9 hours per day during Summer semester (Monday-Thursday).
    • Students are not eligible for overtime.
  • If you worked more than 20 hours per week, any hours above 20 will need to go on a 3rd line and be charged to the department at 100%.
    • Exception:  Students are allowed to split 40 hours per week during Summer as long as they are not registered for classes.
    • Increased hours will use your work-study award faster.
  • If your hours cannot be split evenly, you will need to ensure that 70% of the total hours being split is the actual amount being charged to the work-study account or your timecard will be disapproved.
    • Normal rounding rules may not always apply.
    • Sometimes you will need to manipulate the daily splits when rounding or the overall split will be incorrect.

How will I get paid?

  • Your paycheck can be direct deposited.
    • You can set up direct deposit with HR by completing the direct deposit form and providing your banking information including:
      • Name of the institution.
      • Bank Routing Number.
      • Bank Account Number.
    • Or you can provide a voided check with the direct deposit form.
  • Without direct deposit, your paycheck will be mailed to the address on file at LCSC.

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