Financial Aid

Why is my financial aid not on my student account?

How do I find out what is holding up my financial aid?

  • View “Financial Aid Award Letter” on WarriorWeb to see if you have any awards available to you.
  • View “My Documents” on WarriorWeb to see if the Financial Aid Office is missing anything from you.
  • View “Grades/Attendance” on WarriorWeb to see if your instructors have confirmed your attendance.
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office at 208-792-2224 or

Reasons your financial aid might be on hold:

  • I was selected for Verification.
  • My enrollment is not confirmed.
    • Contact your professors and have them confirm your attendance.
    • If it is after the 10th day, you will need to get a Manual Enrollment Confirmation Form from the Financial Aid Office for on-campus classes.
    • If it is after the 10th day, you will need your professors to contact the Financial Aid Office via email to confirm your distance learning courses.
  • I did not have my paperwork submitted before the transmittal.
    • Upon completion of your paperwork, your financial aid will transmit to your student account on the next scheduled transmittal.
    • Funds are available to pay your fees before you would receive residual monies.
  • I am denied for Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Freddie is a drawing of a frog as mascot