Financial Aid

I am interested in do I get it?

I was offered work-study, how do I accept it?

  • You accept work-study as part of your financial aid offer on WarriorWeb. 
  • There is additional paperwork once you have secured a position (see I found a job on what?).
  • International students must contact International Programs to receive a work-study offer.

I accepted what?

  • First you will need to secure a job on campus. 
  • You will have two weeks from the start of school or when you were offered work-study to secure a job on campus. 
  • A list of available positions are on Handshake through the Student Employment and Career Center.
  • Fall semester job listings will be available the first week of August.  Spring semester positions will be available the first week of January.  Summer semester job listings will be available the first week of May.
  • You must contact the supervisor listed on Handshake to inquire about the position.
  • The supervisor listed on Handshake will make the hiring decision.

I found a job on what?

  • Once a campus job is secured, you must notify the Financial Aid Office to obtain a Work-Study Authorization Form.
  • The Work-Study Authorization Form must be signed by you and your supervisor then returned to the Financial Aid Office within two weeks to finalize your offer.
  • You will then work with your supervisor to get set up on I-Time.  I-Time is the campus payroll system.

I was offered work-study, when and how do I get that money?

  • The amount on your financial aid offer is the total amount of work-study funds you are eligible to earn.
  • You will be paid bi-weekly through the campus payroll system.
  • You and your supervisor are responsible for tracking your hours. 
  • You and your supervisor will submit your hours into I-Time, the campus payroll system (see I am a student do I submit my I-Time?). 
  • Your timecard, in I-Time, will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office to ensure compliance with federal regulations for work-study. 

I was not offered work-study, how do I apply for it?

  • You need to submit the Work-Study Request portion of the Financial Aid Request Form.  The form is located at
  • The Work-Study Request will place you on a wait-list.
  • After 10th day, work-study funds that have not been accepted will be reallocated to students on the wait-list. 
  • If you are offered off the wait-list, you will receive an email notifying you that you have been offered work-study (see I was offered work-study, how do I accept it?).

What are the benefits to applying for work-study?

  • Work-study can be a great way for you to obtain work experience while attending school.
  • Work-study can provide part-time employment for you to help offset educational expenses. 
  • Work-study supervisors can become references for you to use in future job searches.
  • Work-study schedules are flexible with class schedules.

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