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Over 20 degree and certificate options are available fully online, along with general education courses.

Evening/weekend classes are available for:

Online Courses

Sections 60-69

  • All coursework and class assignments are completed in Canvas, on your own time. No classroom is assigned.
  • Technology needed: computer with internet connection and speakers to complete course assignments.

Evening Courses

Main Campus - Lewiston

BUS-355-03Information Sys/Manage
COMM-204-05Public Speaking
ED-430-70Prof Sem:Iss/Educ II
ENGL-101-05Writing/Rhetoric I
ENGL-102-12Writing/Rhetoric II
ENGL-209-01Creat Writ:Nonfiction
ENGL-309-01Creat Writ:Nonfiction
ENGL-409-01Creat Writ:Nonfiction
FRSRV-104-01IFSTA Bldg. Constr.
FRSRV-202-70NIMS 100,200,700,800
GEOG-102-01Intro to Geography
HUM-101-01Art/Hist Motion Picture
KIN-261-01BSkill/Analy: Ct Spt
LAWPT-322-01Paralegal Proc/Crim Law
MUS-103-01Concert Choir
MUS-105-01Rock Band
MUS-106-01Jazz Band
MUS-303-01Concert Choir
PITPT-288-01Packaging Optimization
SD-108-01Warrior Entertainment Brd
SD-130-01Pract Student Government
SD-308-01Warrior Entertainment Brd
SD-330-01Pract Student Govt Ldrship

8-Week Block Courses

Sections xxA or xxB

  • 8-week sessions are accelerated classes available during the first (A) or second (B) half of the semester.

BUS-311-60AFoundations/Mgmt Theory
COMM-101-60AFundamentals Oral Comm
HLTH-245-60ADeath and Dying
ID-392-61AST: Portfolio
KIN-260-61AIntro to Kinesiology/Hlth
NU-414-60AProf Role Development IV
NU-440-60APopulation Health

BUS-220-60BBusiness Communications
COMM-101-61BFundamentals Oral Comm
HIST-112-60BUS History II
HLTH-247-60BStress Management
ID-392-61BST: Portfolio
KIN-261-01BSkill/Analy: Ct Spt
NS-192-60BST: Science Seminar
NU-360-60BTranscultural Hlth
NU-360-61BTranscultural Hlth
NU-447-60BEvidence Based Pract

Virtual Remote Courses

Sections 01V-29V

  • Every class session occurs through video conferencing like Zoom, at a fixed and regular time. Generally, there is no assigned campus classroom.
  • Technology needed: computer with internet connection, webcam, microphone, and headphones/speakers for in-class participation and to complete course assignments.

AC-332-7570VInter Accounting II
BUS-355-03VInformation Sys/Manage
CITPT-111-01VWeb Development Basics
COMM-201-7501VIntro/Mass Communication
COMM-370-01VPolitical Comm
COMM-499-7502VResearch Project/Seminar
ENGL-101-7501VWriting/Rhetoric I
GEOG-102-01VIntro to Geography
HIST-392-02VST: The Medieval World
JS-325-01VCriminal Law
JS-425-01VViolence and Gender
JS-495-01VPR:Justice Studies
JS-499-01VResearch Project/Semin
POLS-345-01VConstitutional Law
POLS-370-01VPolitical Comm
SOC-102-01VSocial Problems
SOC-425-01VViolence and Gender
SW-486-01VField Seminar II
SW-486-7501VField Seminar II

Portfolio Courses

  • Create a professional portfolio that provides evidence of personal knowledge acquired through on the job and other experiential learning opportunities.

LC State is offering a one credit Portfolio course, ID 292 & ID 392. It will be offered twice this spring semester, January 17-March 10, 2023 and March 13-May 11, 2023.

Before registering for the course, please apply for admission.

Students in this 1 credit course will work through the process of creating a professional portfolio that provides evidence of personal knowledge acquired through on the job and other experiential learning opportunities of skills related to their designated field of study.

For more information, please contact the Adult Learning Coordinator, Dovie Willey at 208-792-2301 or [email protected].

$50 per portfolio course