Check out the peer mentors for 2021-2022. See who your peer mentor is for your first year at LC State and learn a bit about them!

Peer Mentors

LC student, Chloe

Chloe Birkmaier

  • Major: Justice Studies & Psychology
  • Hometown: Imbler, OR
  • Interests: 
  • Why LC State? Excellent program for my major, awesome professors, small classes, and high quality learning.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Homecoming
LC student, Emma

Emma Hartley

  • Major: Justice Studies/Paralegal Studies
  • Hometown: Kuna, ID
  • Interests: Snails, shopping, and walks!
  • Why LC State? Best programs for what I want to do.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Baseball games.
LC student, Bonolo

Bonolo Molefe

  • Major: Kinesiology
  • Hometown: Kopong, Botswana
  • Interests: Sports, tennis, music, friends.
  • Why LC State? Feels like home, has very nice people and professors.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Batter up.
LC student, Katelynn

Katelynn Young

  • Major: Business Administration
  • Hometown: Weiser, ID
  • Interests: Working at Red Cross, family and being at our cabin.
  • Why LC State? Location and small class sizes.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Sporting Events.
LC Student, Kendall

Kendall Teichmer

  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Hometown: Lewiston, ID
  • Interests: Sports
  • Why LC State? Small class sizes, opportunities for help, and fun activities!
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Welcome Fair.
LC Student, Anna

Anna Hirtle

  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: Eagle, ID
  • Interests: Cooking and hanging out with friends.
  • Why LC State? Small atmosphere and all the professors are very helpful.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Movie nights.
LC student, Rosa

Rosa Morales

  • Major: Pre-med Biology
  • Hometown: Gooding, ID
  • Interests: Music, swimming, kayaking, and traveling!
  • Why LC State? Feels like home, great clubs/organizations, and small campus!
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Movie Nights.
LC student, Robert

Clark Reynolds

  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Hometown: Eagle River, AK
  • Interests: Basketball, Running and Tennis.
  • Why LC State? Able to build great relationships with peers/professors.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Baseball games.
LC student, Yakira

Yakira Jones

  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: Sandpoint, ID
  • Interests: Painting, photography, fx makeup, outdoors.
  • Why LC State? Community/environment is accepting.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Baseball/basketball games.
LC student, Antonia

Antonia Gutierrez

  • Major: Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Studies
  • Hometown: Jerome, ID
  • Interests: Organizing, One Direction, journaling, my cats, cooking, PASTA.
  • Why LC State? Perfect sized campus.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Homecoming
LC student, Myriam

Myriam Pacheco

  • Major: Paralegal/Spanish Minor
  • Hometown: Caldwell, ID
  • Interests: Friends, walks, reading, and watching TV.
  • Why LC State? Small school, everyone is friendly, my professors know me.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Freshman Orientation
LC student, Wade

Wade Scott

  • Major: Secondary Education: Psychology
  • Hometown: Athol, ID
  • Interests: Sports, Cars, Video Games and the outdoors.
  • Why LC State? Great community/program.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Homecoming
LC student, Simone

Simone Johnson

  • Major: Social Work
  • Hometown: Post Falls, ID
  • Interests: Start an art business and become a school counselor.
  • Why LC State? The faculty are awesome.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Intramural Sports
LC student, Hannah

Hannah Winter

  • Major: Mathematics: Secondary Education
  • Hometown: Clarkston, WA
  • Interests: Shoes, sports, calligraphy.
  • Why LC State? Cost, close to home, and great education program.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Homecoming Week!!
LC student, Emily

Emily Crawford

  • Major: Accounting
  • Hometown: Kuna, ID
  • Interests: Music and dinosaurs! I could always use recommendations!
  • Why LC State? Feels like home and great place to learn and grow.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Homecoming
LC student, Jack

Jack Palo

  • Major: Kinesiology
  • Hometown: Ellensburg, WA
  • Interests: Sports, food, movies, music.
  • Why LC State? The class sizes are small enough that the teachers actually know who you are.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Welcome Fair
LC student, Brooklynn

Brooklynn Menti

  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Hometown: Spirit Lake, ID
  • Interests: Dance, longboarding, and thrift shopping.
  • Why LC State? LC has an excellent teaching program, and is close to home.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: The career fair.
LC student, Kaylee

Kaylee Sawyer

  • Major: Earth Science
  • Hometown: Hayden, ID
  • Interests: Hiking, rockhounding, and astrology!
  • Why LC State? I came to LC State because of the geology surrounding the area!
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Family Weekend!
LC student, Kaylan

Kaylan Youngman

  • Major: Biology
  • Hometown: Spirit Lake, ID
  • Interests: Caring for animals, cooking and baking new things, and watching baseball.
  • Why LC State? Close to family, and a comfortable setting.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Art Under the Elms
LC student, Rebekka

Rebekka Kalmbach

  • Major: Social Science, Anthropology
  • Hometown: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Interests: Sports have been always been a passion of mine.
  • Why LC State? I like the familiar and welcoming atmosphere on campus.
  • Favorite LC State Traditions: Multicultural Awareness Week and Art Under the Elms..
LC student, Abby

Abby Vanhorn

  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: Lewiston, ID
  • Interests: Hiking, fly fishing, and spending time with my family.
  • Why LC State? It is in my hometown and I wanted to stay close to my family.
  • Favorite LC State Traditions: Native American Awareness Week
LC student, Emma

Emma Lake

  • Major: Nursing
  • Hometown: Ilwaco, WA
  • Interests: Being a enthusiast of films and the cinema, art, and music.
  • Why LC State? It is right for me because of the size and the amazing nursing program!
  • Favorite LC State Traditions: The Easter Egg Hunt
LC Student, Olivia


  • Major: Elementary Education / Special Education
  • What do you love about LC State? I enjoyed the small homelike campus.
  • Favorite LC State tradition: Homecoming
  • Fun Fact: I have a huge family with over 100 cousins.

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