Lewiston water update

Updated: 01/27/2023 9:31 AM

The City of Lewiston has announced that Lewiston residents can again consume tap water as normal. Water consumption on LC State's campus returns to normal.

Check out the peer mentors for 2021-2022. See who your peer mentor is for your first year at LC State and learn a bit about them!

Peer Mentors

LC student, Chloe

Chloe Birkmaier

  • Major: Justice Studies & Psychology
  • Hometown: Imbler, OR
  • Interests: 
  • Why LC State? Excellent program for my major, awesome professors, small classes, and high quality learning.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Homecoming
LC student, Emma

Emma Hartley

  • Major: Justice Studies/Paralegal Studies
  • Hometown: Kuna, ID
  • Interests: Snails, shopping, and walks!
  • Why LC State? Best programs for what I want to do.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Baseball games.
LC student, Bonolo

Bonolo Molefe

  • Major: Kinesiology
  • Hometown: Kopong, Botswana
  • Interests: Sports, tennis, music, friends.
  • Why LC State? Feels like home, has very nice people and professors.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Batter up.
LC student, Katelynn

Katelynn Young

  • Major: Business Administration
  • Hometown: Weiser, ID
  • Interests: Working at Red Cross, family and being at our cabin.
  • Why LC State? Location and small class sizes.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Sporting Events.
LC Student, Kendall

Kendall Teichmer

  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Hometown: Lewiston, ID
  • Interests: Sports
  • Why LC State? Small class sizes, opportunities for help, and fun activities!
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Welcome Fair.
LC Student, Anna

Anna Hirtle

  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: Eagle, ID
  • Interests: Cooking and hanging out with friends.
  • Why LC State? Small atmosphere and all the professors are very helpful.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Movie nights.
LC student, Rosa

Rosa Morales

  • Major: Pre-med Biology
  • Hometown: Gooding, ID
  • Interests: Music, swimming, kayaking, and traveling!
  • Why LC State? Feels like home, great clubs/organizations, and small campus!
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Movie Nights.
LC student, Robert

Clark Reynolds

  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Hometown: Eagle River, AK
  • Interests: Basketball, Running and Tennis.
  • Why LC State? Able to build great relationships with peers/professors.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Baseball games.
LC student, Yakira

Yakira Jones

  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: Sandpoint, ID
  • Interests: Painting, photography, fx makeup, outdoors.
  • Why LC State? Community/environment is accepting.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Baseball/basketball games.
LC student, Antonia

Antonia Gutierrez

  • Major: Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Studies
  • Hometown: Jerome, ID
  • Interests: Organizing, One Direction, journaling, my cats, cooking, PASTA.
  • Why LC State? Perfect sized campus.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Homecoming
LC student, Myriam

Myriam Pacheco

  • Major: Paralegal/Spanish Minor
  • Hometown: Caldwell, ID
  • Interests: Friends, walks, reading, and watching TV.
  • Why LC State? Small school, everyone is friendly, my professors know me.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Freshman Orientation
LC student, Wade

Wade Scott

  • Major: Secondary Education: Psychology
  • Hometown: Athol, ID
  • Interests: Sports, Cars, Video Games and the outdoors.
  • Why LC State? Great community/program.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Homecoming
LC student, Simone

Simone Johnson

  • Major: Social Work
  • Hometown: Post Falls, ID
  • Interests: Start an art business and become a school counselor.
  • Why LC State? The faculty are awesome.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Intramural Sports
LC student, Hannah

Hannah Winter

  • Major: Mathematics: Secondary Education
  • Hometown: Clarkston, WA
  • Interests: Shoes, sports, calligraphy.
  • Why LC State? Cost, close to home, and great education program.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Homecoming Week!!
LC student, Emily

Emily Crawford

  • Major: Accounting
  • Hometown: Kuna, ID
  • Interests: Music and dinosaurs! I could always use recommendations!
  • Why LC State? Feels like home and great place to learn and grow.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Homecoming
LC student, Jack

Jack Palo

  • Major: Kinesiology
  • Hometown: Ellensburg, WA
  • Interests: Sports, food, movies, music.
  • Why LC State? The class sizes are small enough that the teachers actually know who you are.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Welcome Fair
LC student, Brooklynn

Brooklynn Menti

  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Hometown: Spirit Lake, ID
  • Interests: Dance, longboarding, and thrift shopping.
  • Why LC State? LC has an excellent teaching program, and is close to home.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: The career fair.
LC student, Kaylee

Kaylee Sawyer

  • Major: Earth Science
  • Hometown: Hayden, ID
  • Interests: Hiking, rockhounding, and astrology!
  • Why LC State? I came to LC State because of the geology surrounding the area!
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Family Weekend!
LC student, Kaylan

Kaylan Youngman

  • Major: Biology
  • Hometown: Spirit Lake, ID
  • Interests: Caring for animals, cooking and baking new things, and watching baseball.
  • Why LC State? Close to family, and a comfortable setting.
  • Favorite LC State Tradition: Art Under the Elms
LC student, Rebekka

Rebekka Kalmbach

  • Major: Social Science, Anthropology
  • Hometown: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Interests: Sports have been always been a passion of mine.
  • Why LC State? I like the familiar and welcoming atmosphere on campus.
  • Favorite LC State Traditions: Multicultural Awareness Week and Art Under the Elms..
LC student, Abby

Abby Vanhorn

  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: Lewiston, ID
  • Interests: Hiking, fly fishing, and spending time with my family.
  • Why LC State? It is in my hometown and I wanted to stay close to my family.
  • Favorite LC State Traditions: Native American Awareness Week
LC student, Emma

Emma Lake

  • Major: Nursing
  • Hometown: Ilwaco, WA
  • Interests: Being a enthusiast of films and the cinema, art, and music.
  • Why LC State? It is right for me because of the size and the amazing nursing program!
  • Favorite LC State Traditions: The Easter Egg Hunt
LC Student, Olivia


  • Major: Elementary Education / Special Education
  • What do you love about LC State? I enjoyed the small homelike campus.
  • Favorite LC State tradition: Homecoming
  • Fun Fact: I have a huge family with over 100 cousins.

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