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Named Annual Scholarships are awarded on a one-time basis or the donor provides annual funding for the scholarship.

International Student Emergency Fund

Most international students and their families pay educational costs out of pocket. They are typically not eligible for grants and loans and scholarship criteria often excludes them. This makes international students particularly vulnerable to delay, interruption, or cessation of their studies if they or their families experience a change in financial circumstances. Events such as a drop in currency exchange, natural disasters, and political instability can disrupt a students’ progress towards graduation, and leave a student with very limited options.

This annual scholarship was established to support international students experiencing unexpected financial hardship. This is an open fund, capable of receiving donations from anyone at any time. 

The student must be an international student, with preference given to F-1 visa holders. The student must be experiencing documented financial hardship. The student must be either enrolled in the Institute of Intensive English or be a degree seeking college student. Receiving other institutional aid, scholarships, or waivers will not disqualify the student from this scholarship.