e-Learning Services

Student using laptop outside on campus

For reasons of geography, employment, or family obligations, it is often impossible for people to relocate to Lewiston, Coeur d’Alene, or another college town to receive a traditional college education. For such citizens in Idaho and elsewhere, LCSC’s popular online courses make a college degree possible.

Our Distance Learning curriculum includes both associate and bachelor degree programs in business, nursing, teacher certification, early childhood development, and web development. All our classes employ the latest learning technologies to create effective learning that is also cost-efficient. In fact, our Pathways for Accelerated Certification and Endorsement (PACE) program recently received a national “Program of Excellence Award” for helping classroom assistants earn their teaching credential for both elementary and secondary levels.

Not every class at LCSC is available online, but our Distance Learning Program offers a surprising number of them — including classes that fulfill core requirements.

Five years ago, students filled 4,087 seats in LCSC online courses. Since then, the number of filled seats has increased over 65% to a total 6,753. In addition, enrollments in our blended courses — classes that combine online instruction and face-to-face classroom teaching — grew from 392 in 2007 to 2,157 in 2011 — a 450% increase. Funding from an endowment for Distance Learning will support infrastructure and the personnel our Distance Learning programs need to continue making a college education possible for students who might otherwise never have the opportunity to achieve one.

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