Q: How do I apply to graduate and is there a deadline?

All students must apply for graduation in their degree program.  Log on to Warrior Web and click the "apply to graduate" link on the student menu.

Graduation application deadlines are:

  • December 1 - if spring is your final semester.
  • May 1 - if fall is your final semester (fall graduates may walk in the spring commencement).
Q: Does my family need tickets to attend?
  • If you are a Coeur d'Alene student graduating from the LCSC-CDA Center, yes, your family will need tickets.  Contact the LCSC-CDA Center for ticket information, 208-666-6707.
  • If you are graduating on the main LCSC campus, NO, you do not need tickets.  Seating is on a first come, first seated basis.
Q: I have a guest with special needs.  Who should i call about seating arrangements?

Contact the Provost's Office, 208-792-2213.  Ushers will be available at Commencement to assist guests with special needs.

Q: Where do I buy my regalia (cap & Gown) and is there a deadline?

Regalia may be purchased from the campus bookstore.  See the Academic Dress & Regalia section for more information.

Q: How long is the ceremony?

The commencement ceremony can run up to two hours from start to finish.  Depending upon the number of graduates, the time may be extended.

Q: Are young children allowed to attend?

Children may sit with family in the visitor seating areas; no children are allowed to sit with graduates or to accompany them on the stage.  For the safety of all attendees, children must be accompanied by an adult and not allowed to run around unattended.

Q: What is the difference between "Graduation" and "Commencement"?

"Graduation" and "Commencement" reflect two different aspects of your academic career. "Graduation" means you have fulfilled all program requirements and a degree has been posted to your transcript. 

"Commencement" is the symbolic ceremony celebrating your academic achievement and allowing your friends, family, and the LCSC community to congratulate you on your accomplishments.

Q: Is there a commencement rehearsal?
  • There is no rehearsal for students graduating from the LCSC Lewiston main campus.  Student line-up begins promptly at 5 p.m. and that is where students will receive their name cards and will be organized by division and program.
  • For CDA students, a rehearsal is held prior to the ceremony.  See "Ceremonly & Events" for details.
Q: How can I be sure my name will be pronounced correctly?

There is no guarantee that all names will be pronounced correctly; however, readers will be available during commencement line-up (5 p.m.) to meet with students who have uniquely spelled and pronounced names.  Upon receiving their name card, students should write their names phonetically in order to assist readers.

Q: Will my name be in the commencement program?

If your graduation application was received by the deadline, your name will appear in the program.

Q: Will my degree or major be announced when I walk across the stage?

No.  Your name will be announced as part of your major Division.  Your degree earned will be noted in the commencement program.

Q: Will I receive my diploma during the commencement ceremony?

 No.  Diplomas will not be printed until all graduation requirements have been verified.  Diplomas will be mailed to the address indicated on your graduation application (or permanent home address) within two weeks of commencement.

Q: What do I do if my diploma is incorrect, or if I don't receive my diploma?

If there is an error on your diploma, or if you do not receive your diploma within 3 weeks after commencement, call or email the Registrar at 208-792-2223, 

Q: How do I get an official copy of my transcript?

Official transcripts may be ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse.  Log on to WarriorWeb to order, or visit the Transcript website for more information.  There is a fee.