Office of Grants & Contracts

Post-award services & procedures

The Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) is tasked with monitoring all grants awarded to LCSC, and all documentation must be copied to the OGC. This includes award notifications, grant agreements, progress and final reports, and award extensions.

Post-award Tools & Services

Grant Flowchart

Grants Procedure Checklist

Grants Compliance Matrix

Compliance Training, Mediation, and Consulting

Progress and Final Reports Editing/Review

Sub-award & Sub-recipient Management

When LCSC is the recipient of a grant sub-award, the participating LCSC P.I. is responsible for meeting all terms outline by the primary recipient for the duration of the grant’s life cycle. This means the P.I. will need to be aware of the reporting requirements based on the type of funding (i.e. state, federal, or stimulus), as well as any other reporting requirements the primary recipient may request. To facilitate those requirements, the P.I. is responsible for establishing and maintaining a relationship with the primary recipient’s administrative contact, being aware of the reporting timeline and due dates, and ensuring that any IRB requirements have been addressed.

The OGC will go over reporting requirements with a P.I. and help coordinate reporting efforts with the Controller’s Office and Budget Office. Because the OGC, in conjunction with the Controller's Office and the Budget Office, helps the institution monitor grant sub-awards to ensure work scope and reporting requirements are addressed, the P.I. needs to submit reports to the OGC for review before final submission to the primary recipient.

Time & Effort Management

To meet the requirements for Compensation of personal services, employees who are paid using federal grant dollars are required to keep a record of their time and effort during the grant project. The time and effort report should reflect all activities performed during the project period, including those which are paid for by the Institution. Employees that are required to document time and effort are encouraged to use the Program Activity Report (PAR), but may use a similar system if they so choose. However an employee chooses to track their time and effort, the document needs to track the activities performed during the project period, the percentage of time committed to each activity, the actual time spent on each activity, and the source of funding for each activity. The time and effort report should be signed by the employee and their supervisor, with a copy sent to the Grants Office. 

Cost Principles for Education Institutions (OMB Circular A-21)

More information can be found on the Compliance page, and in the FAQs ("What is effort reporting?").


Post-Award Procedure

Award Notification

All documents concerning grants must be copied to the OGC upon receipt. This includes grant agreements, award notifications (physical letters and emails), notices of non-funding (rejection letters), amendments, etc. It is not enough to route documents to the just Controller’s Office, the OGC must be included in all document routing, per LCSC grant policy.

It is the P.I.’s responsibility to ensure documents are properly routed.

Only the LCSC authorizing officials, President and/or Vice President of Financial Affairs, can sign an agreement or contract on behalf of LCSC, and require all grant documents to pass through the OGC prior to applying a signature.

Project Account & Budget Setup

All award letters and funding arrangements (check, contact information, etc.) should be forwarded to the Grants and Contracts Office for processing.  Upon receipt, the Grants and Contracts Office will contact grant administrators to establish a new account for the grant and an analysis and invoicing schedule (if applicable.)  

Award Duration & Progress Reporting

Throughout the life of a grant all progress reports, award amendments (change of scope, change of award amount, etc.) and/or project extensions must be copied to the OGC. P.I.s will need to submit an internal Grant Project Annual Performance Report to the OGC. These reports are in addition to any progress and final reports that need to be submitted to a funding agency, and are for internal use only.