The second section of the LC Supervisory Excellence Program will focus on self-paced trainings through Vector Solutions (previously known as SafeColleges).  These trainings will be completed by August 15th.

Course Descriptions:

This course provides supervisory staff members with several ways to manage difficult behaviors among staff members. Topics covered include taking a look inward, avoiding taking difficult behavior personally, maintaining self-control, focusing on problem-solving, confronting the employee, using performance management, coaching the behavior, and asking the right questions.

This course aims to provide employees, supervisors, administrators, and other staff members with an increased awareness about the unique opportunities and challenges involved in working with different people. Topics covered include self-awareness, self-monitoring and perception, emotions, listening skills, and receiving and giving feedback.

Supervisors are responsible for the overall safety on campus. Staff who serve in a leadership position have a responsibility for the health and welfare of both staff and students. This course examines the supervisor’s role in safety planning and explains how to apply best practices to ensure everyone’s safety effectively.

The goal of this course is to provide supervisors and managers with a basic understanding of best practices regarding termination of employees. Topics covered include laws and policies, avoiding critical mistakes, and best practices.

This course aims to provide employees with information on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), including employee and employer rights and responsibilities in regard to this important federal law. This course does not serve as legal advice.

This course is designed to provide an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how it might apply in schools. It covers ADA basics, such as what qualifies as a disability and reasonable accommodation, program accessibility under title II, the differences between the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act and the ADA, and effective communication in the educational context.

This course is designed to help supervisors gain a greater understanding of the nature of workplace bullying so that it may be prevented. It will review the impact of workplace bullying, identification of bullying behavior, and effective ways to deal with workplace bullying.

Although we’ve long understood that discrimination and harassment are unlawful in the workplace, it's clear from news headlines that it’s still prevalent. That’s why employees must understand their workplace policies regarding discrimination and know their roles and obligations. This course is designed to provide basic awareness and understanding of discrimination. This awareness can help employees avoid discriminatory behaviors and build a school culture that reflects inclusivity and respect for all.