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English Description of the different English majors available


The study of English engages students' responsive and analytical abilities, refines written and oral expression, and fosters creative and critical thinking about literature across cultures from ancient to contemporary times. The major in English is a versatile degree, valued in a growing segment of the job market where critical thinking, clear communication, and writing skills are a priority; for these same reasons, it is a recognized gateway to many professional graduate programs, such as law school and medical school.  Students who enjoy literature and are interested in growing as writers will find a major in English both an enjoyable and a marketable degree.  

Program Plan

English: Creative Writing

This is a program with a tradition of excellence in which students have the opportunity to work with all genres of literary writing: poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, from beginning classes through intermediate and advanced.  Students become familiar with a wide array of writing, published work, and peer review.

Program Plan

English: Publishing Arts

The Publishing Arts major provides students with unique, hands-on opportunities in publication design (for both books and journals) as part of Talking River, the student run, internationally recognized Literary Journal of LCSC.  These opportunities create work-force skills in editing; project supervision; graphic design; utilizing up-to-date technology; business communication and organization; critical evaluation of written works, distribution, and sales.  The Publishing Arts major provides students a dynamic exposure to literature, creative production, and work place decision-making.

Program Plan

English: Secondary Education

This program acquaints students with a wide array of literary works as well as thematic, critical, and cultural perspectives that will enable graduates to teach literature and writing in diverse contexts.  A major feature of the program is the Teaching Composition course and the opportunity to work as a Writing Center tutor, an experience highly prized by those involved. 

Program Plan