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Internal Audit

Confidential Report Line How to Report Concerns

Unethical, illegal or irresponsible acts can cause serious loss or harm to Lewis-Clark State College, its employees and students.  It's everyone's responsibility to help prevent these activities!  If you become aware of unethical, illegal, or irresponsible activity please report it to your direct supervisor or the applicable department responsible for the compliance.  

Where to report activity

Type of activity LCSC Department Phone number
Personnel matters  Human Resources  (208) 792-2269
 Laws and regulations  Compliance Officer  (208) 792-2218
 Financial misconduct  Internal Audit  (208) 792-2704
 Safety concerns  Security Office  (208) 792-2226
 Academic activity  Office of the Provost  (208) 792-2213

Confidential Report Line

If you feel you need to remain anonymous you can report unethical, illegal, or irresponsible activity through LCSC's Confidential Report Line.  The Confidential Report Line is administered by Lighthouse Services, a third party hotline service and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Reports will be routed to the applicable Lewis-Clark State College department for review.



Employees are protected against retaliation for raising genuine concerns and making reports under the Idaho Protection of Public Employees Act.