Employment and Training Programs

International students at LC State have numerous opportunities to intern and work in the community through use of the Practical Training program.  Gain practical experience and build your resume through our Practical Training programs.

Students SAC Radiography

Curricular Practical Training

Students may apply for Curricular Practical Training authorization when completing a required internship or clinical experience for their program.

Students Hospitality Cooking

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

International students can obtain employment authorization in the United States following degree completion. Gain experience in your field with the OPT program.

Students SAC Science

STEM OPT Extension

International graduates with degrees in eligible STEM majors may qualify for an additional 24 STEM OPT Extension. Continue your STEM career in the US with the STEM OPT Extension program.

Students CTE

On Campus Employment

There are numerous on-campus employment opportunities for international students. On-campus employment is a benefit of your F-1 visa status.