Welcome to the one-stop shop for all international student forms and letter services.  If you would like additional assistance, please contact the International Programs team for further guidance.

Student Services


General Letter Request

Request an official letter from the IPO office for various purposes such as; enrollment verification, address verification, etc. 

Driver's License Information

Learn about how and where to apply for a Driver's License.

Health Insurance Declaration

Verify your health insurance information.  This is a requirement of your I-20. 

Change of Name/Address

Report a change of name or address to LC State.  This is a federal immigration requirement.  

Community Engagement Report

Use this form to report community engagement hours, a requirement for receiving the International Student Scholarship.

Academic Services


Reduced Course Load

Report a reduced course load for authorized reasoning as outlined by USCIS. 

Change of Level

Report a transition from the Bridge Pathway Program to LC State College.

Program Extension

Request a program extension if you are unable to complete your degree within the time outlined in your current I-20.  You must provide justification and a new Certification of Financial Resources. 


Complete this form to have your SEVIS record transferred to LC State.


Complete this form to have your SEVIS record transferred to another institution.  This form is used for both undergraduate transfers and graduate program SEVIS record transfers. 

Academic Petition

Submit this form to the LC State Registrar to petition a number of different academic related topics. 

Employment Services


CPT Application

Apply for Curricular Practical Training (before degree completion). 

OPT Application

Apply for Optional Practical Training (after degree completion).

STEM OPT Extension

Apply for a 24 month STEM OPT Extension. (STEM graduates only). 

Social Security Letter Request

Request a Social Security Request Letter or a Letter of Denial.