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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN Information

Telecommuting, also known as telework, is a mutually agreed upon workplace option between LCSC and the employee, which allows work to be done by an employee at an alternate work location for one or more days each week. In most cases, some work will still be done at the employee’s usual central workplace depending upon the needs of the department. Telecommuting can be used to manage people, time, space, and workload more effectively and efficiently. When used properly, telecommuting programs can reduce commuting time and expenses for employees, improve recruitment and retention efforts, extend hours of customer service, improve employee performance and decrease overhead costs. Telecommuting may also be used as a temporary response to contingencies / emergencies (natural disasters, public health emergencies), or to accommodate employees with temporary medical conditions which make travel to the primary work site impractical.

LCSC relies heavily on person to person contact as part of our mission statement; therefore, it is not anticipated this would be an ongoing, permanent arrangement for employees. However, for a temporary assignment, a department may use telecommuting when it would help an employee better accommodate personal needs and where the arrangement would not adversely affect productivity of the employee’s department or the ability of the department to provide service for faculty, staff, and students.

Request VPN Access

The requestor must have written approval from the Department Diretor before access is given. Please have department director send an email to requesting VPN access for the individual.