Information Technology

What happens when my name changes?


After you submit your name change request to the Registrar’s office you will receive a new WarriorWeb and LCMail account within one business day.  Use the “What’s my User ID” link that is located on the main menu page of WarriorWeb to find your new username.


If you re-apply to LCSC under a new name we will process your information as a name change, and you will receive a letter that includes your new username.  

Your password will be your eight-digit birth date (example 05/01/1990 is 05011990).  This password will work for both your new WarriorWeb and LCMail accounts.    

What happens to my old LCMail account?

Your email, contacts, calendar, and files will be accessible on the new account.  Email from your old account will automatically be forwarded for 30 days and then the old account will be deleted.  You will not be able to sign into your old account once the new account is created. 

Any website you use such as Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, etc that is tied to the old account will need to be updated to the new account within 30 days.  

If you have the Gmail app downloaded on your phone you will want to set it up with the new email account within 30 days.


Your Blackboard username will be updated to the new username you use for WarriorWeb and LCMail.  Your password does not change.  You will use the same password you had been using prior to the name change.  All your online classes will be transferred from your old Blackboard account.

Secured Wireless | WarriorPrint | Library systems

You will need to sign into the WarriorStudent wifi, WarriorPrint, and the Library systems with your new username and your six digit birthdate. 

Who do I call if I have questions?

Please contact the IT Helpdesk at 208-792-2231.