Information Technology

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Mobile Device Printing

Instructions for Printing

Instructions for using Pharos for mobile printing are found here

Release Stations

  • Help Desk in SGC 112
  • Library 1st floor
  • Library 2nd floor
  • SUB 1st floor near food court
  • SUB 2nd floor near dInformation desk

Printing Pricing

LCSC gives each student $5.00 in free prints each semester.  You can add money to your WarriorOne card here.

Printing prices are:

  • 10 cents per page, black & white - single sided
  • 50 cents per page, color - single sided
  • 15 cents duplex, black & white
  • 75 cents duplex, color
  • If you print one page of black & white and one page of color in duplex mode you will be charged 45 cents.