Information Technology

How to use Mobile Printing

There are two ways to submit jobs for printing.  Email or through your Print Center.  You must be connected to the WarriorStudent wifi to upload a job to your Print Center. 

Upload print job through Print Center website

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in
  3. Click Upload
  4. Change any necessary color or page settings
  5. Finally, at the print station, swipe your WarriorOne Card or log in with your username and password. 
    Your print job will show up in the display.
    Select the print job(s) and click “Print.” 
    Remember to click “Logoff” when you have completed printing your job(s).

Console Explained


Print jobs sent to your Print Center will be kept for 72 hours and then they will be deleted.  

Upload print job through Email 

Send your document or picture file as an attachment to:

  • for Black and White prints
  • for Color prints

If you are not using your LCMail email account then you will be sent an email to complete your registration.  

Warriorprint Email


Sign in with your information.

Warriorprint Login


You will receive a registration confirmation box.

Warriorprint Activation


Your document is now in your Print Center.  You can make changes to the document or you can proceed directly to a release station to print the job.  

You only need to register a new address once.  After registering you can send email or and immediately go to the release station to print your job.