A course Portfolio is a formal means of requesting assessment of your prior work/life experience from which you have developed sufficient college-level learning to earn credit for a specific class.  Portfolios are assessed by faculty with expertise in the subject matter, and if the assessor determines that the Portfolio demonstrates appropriate college-level learning and achievement of the Course Outcomes, the course and credits will be noted on your LCSC transcript. 

Portfolio Assessments Available

  1. Students will only be allowed to submit a Portfolio for assessment when another form of prior learning assessment (Challenge Exam, AP/CLEP or similar) is not available.
  2. Students must be enrolled at LCSC in the semester in which they submit a Portfolio.
  3. Students must not be enrolled in the course for which they intend to submit a Portfolio for assessment.
  4. Students may not submit a Portfolio for a course they have previously audited, previously failed, or for which they have received credit via another means of prior learning assessment.
  5. Students may only submit a Portfolio for assessment for a specific course one time. Portfolios will not be returned and will be kept on file in accordance with Records Retention policies.
  6. Credit awarded through Portfolio assessment is limited to 25% of the total credits required for a degree.

  1. Contact Sarah Willmore, Dual Credit and Challenge Exam Coordinator, at [email protected] with questions or to begin the Portfolio process.
  2. Review the “Assessment Guide” document for this exam and confirm your readiness for this exam with your signature on the Course Portfolio Form.
  3. Meet with the Division Chair of the course for approval signature on the Course Portfolio Form. Then meet with the instructor of the course for approval signature on the same form.
  4. Pay your Portfolio Assessment Fee online at www.lcsc.edu/testing-center with credit or debit or at the cashier’s office (ADM building) with cash or check. The Challenge exam fee is $70.
  5. Schedule your appointment to submit the Portfolio with the Testing Center (www.lcsc.edu/testing-center), by phone at (208) 792-2100, by visiting the LIB, Rm 161, or by filling out the Online Appointment Request Form.
  6. Submit Portfolio – Bring photo ID and receipt for payment to your appointment.
  7. Portfolio Assessment Results: The Portfolio will be sent to the instructor for assessment. After the Portfolio has been assessed, the Dual Credit and Special Projects office will notify you of the assessment results. If you pass the assessment, the credits will be posted to your transcript. If you do not pass the assessment, the results will not be posted.