Library Mission and Role

Through the selection, organization, and dissemination of information, the Library supports the academic and vocational programs of the College. It seeks to fill the information needs of its user community by developing a conceptually coherent and rational collection of print and non-print materials which support the School's teaching and research functions.

To fulfill this mission, the Library faculty participate in the development and review of the curriculum and work closely with teaching faculty and students to analyze their curricular, research and recreational interests. Staff also teach the bibliographic structure of knowledge and the means of gaining access to that knowledge, explore and implement new technology to expand and improve information resources and services, and test new ways to extend service to the broader community. The Library encourages the formation of cooperative programs and arrangements with other libraries through networking and consortia to share ever-expanding information resources.

In all of its activity, the Library seeks to support the designated programs of the College and to respond to the unique information demands generated by the College mission.