Math and Science Tutoring Center

Img Icon Attend Class Get the Math and Science tutoring you need even if you can't make it to the Tutoring Center. 

How it Works

  • Schedule a time with a tutor.  To do this, click on the "Book a Session with..." link next to their name, below.  This will be available as soon as the tutors have a chance to update their calendars for the fall semester. 
  • Once you are scheduled, you'll receive a confirmation email from the website.  This confirmation will contain the Collaborate link you will click on (or copy/paste) when you connect with your proctor.
  • When your tutoring appointment is ready to start, open the Collaborate link in Google Chrome to connect with your tutor.
  • You can communicate with your tutor via microphone, or there is an option to use your phone for audio.  There is also a chat box feature. 
  • During your session, you and the tutor can work together on a digital whiteboard.
  • Please contact Suzanne Rousseau at for more information, or if you have questions or concerns about online tutoring.

Book Your Online Tutoring Session

Tutors are now available according to their calendars below.


CHEM 111

ENGR 120, 210

PHYS 211

MATH 015, 025, 143, 144, 147, 170, 175


BIOL 181, 182, 227

CHEM 100, 105, 111, 112, 371

MATH 025, 143, 144, 147, 170

Rachel H.

BIOL 181, 227, 228, 250

CHEM 100, 105

MATH 153


CS 108, 111, 226, 250, 253, 311, 360, 430


MATH 015, 025, 143, 144, 147, 157, 257

PHYS 171

Tips for Using Blackboard Collaborate

When connecting with your tutor for your online session, it is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser.  Blackboard Collaborate will open directly in your browser, and does not require any downloads.  

Take a tour of what Blackboard Collaborate will look like: