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Why C.N.A.?

Certification as a nursing assistant (CNA) is an essential component of the preparation for the BSN nursing program. The skills learned in the certified nursing assistant (CNA) training are used routinely in the registered nursing role and are basic to our role in providing comfort and hygiene to our patients. Nurses also need to understand these skills so that they can appropriately supervise others as part of their professional accountability as a registered nurse. Finally, the knowledge that comes with CNA training also helps to familiarize the pre-nursing student with the environment in which nursing care is given.

The LCSC nursing program requires students to either obtain their CNA or pass a Skills Only course prior to starting the BSN program. Successful completion of either of these options meets admission criteria for the BSN program. However, by completing a CNA course and passing the certification exam, this qualifies the student to be listed on the Idaho State registry and work as a CNA in the state of Idaho. Certifications obtained in other states are also acceptable as meeting the BSN requirement. At the start of the nursing portion of the BSN program, the CNA certificate needs to be current and in good standing. The Skills Only course must have been taken within 2 years of your first day in the BSN.

At Lewis-Clark State College, the CNA training and Skills Only course is managed and delivered by Workforce Training. All contact for learning about the training and schedules needs to be handled by contacting this department.

Students with certification as a medical assistant/corpsman/medic

In an attempt to acknowledge training in these areas of health sciences, the BSN faculty approved a process through which students may, by affirmation or challenge, meet LCSC admission criteria. Alternately these students may take a modified segment of the CNA training in order to meet the admission criteria. These methods of meeting the LCSC nursing admission criteria do not qualify the student as a certified nursing assistant; the student cannot be registered on the state registry; the student cannot work as a certified nursing assistant.

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