Nursing & Health Sciences

Military Scholarship Applicants AECP, MECP & NECP

Lewis-Clark State College and the Division of Nursing & Health Sciences is proud to support your education through the Army and Navy's Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP/MECP) and the Air Force's Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program (NECP).

The BSN program is a 4 semester sequence, not including prerequisite and general education coursework. Formal application to the program is required; however, provisional admission status may be granted to those who are presently serving in the US military, and wish to apply for one of the programs from their military branch for the purpose of pursuing a BSN nursing degree, and who meet certain criteria of the Nursing and Health Sciences Division.

College admission is not the same as admission to the BSN. Please review the information posted on the link to the right to see instructions on how to request a letter of provisional admission. You will need to provide a portfolio of materials (listed in the instructions) along with a seperate BSN application, provided here: BSN Military Application

BSN students are admitted twice per year (Spring/Fall) and begin the course of study the following semester. Coursework plan options can be viewed below:

  • 21-24 Month Plan (assumes all pre-req courses are completed before coming to LCSC)
    • 21 months--Must apply seperately to the BSN by Feb. 24th for Fall semester entrance
    • 24 months- Must apply seperately to BSN by Sept. 24th for Spring semester entrance
  • 33 Month Plan (includes 12 months of prerequisite classes starting Fall semester, then application to BSN the following February)

For a list of courses taken in the BSN to assist you for your degree plan, please see our Suggested Course Sequence

UPDATE: After a letter of provisional admission has been given, students must also formally apply via the semester before starting in the BSN. 

For more information, contact Tiffany Pilon, NHS Program Advisor; email:; phone: (208) 792-2087