Nursing & Health Sciences

Health Requirements & Background Check

Once students receive their acceptance letter to an NHS program,  LCSC Basic BSN (not RN-BSN) and radiography students are required to provide proof of personal health insurance and official documentation regarding currency of all health requirements.  NHS uses CastleBranch to track these requirements. 

Health requirements for Basic BSN track and Radiographic Science programs include:

Begin well in advance to build your tracker account on Your tracker must be completed by the deadline provided in the provisional acceptance letter. Please see their website for the most current fees associated with background checks and immunization trackers.

Do not attempt to create a CastleBranch account before you've been formally admitted to the program. Package code information will be given at orientation.

  • If requirements are not met by the deadline, the applicant’s name will be removed from the admitted student list, and the space will be given to a student from the alternate list.
  • Annual updates are required.  Students are responsible for maintaining currency and accuracy of health insurance, health records, CPR and the background check throughout their time in the program. Renewal fees apply.
  • Appointments can be made with LCSC Student Health Services (208-792-2251), Health Department (208-799-3100), or personal care provider for immunizations or titre levels. CPR classes are offered through LCSC Workforce Training.
  •  NHS Program policies & information can be found in our student handbook.