Administrative Management

Gain the practical skills you need to manage an office or even run a business.

Degree Options Associate, Certificate
Locations Lewiston

“The Administrative Management program gave me the skills to be successful in my career. I enjoyed the small classes and caring instructors.” - Brittany Ewing

Graduates completing the Administrative Management Program possess the skills to function in the rapidly developing and ever-changing office environment. In addition, these skills are required for those owning and managing their own business. Skills include written and oral communications, computer proficiencies (word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing, 10-key, web design, and image editing), and office procedures (travel, meeting and event arrangements; filing, mailing and telephone skills; record management; and bookkeeping). The administrative manager has many varied job opportunities, including positions in travel, sports, entertainment, banking, insurance, real estate, technical, government, or foreign service; and public, private, or temporary agencies.

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• Administrative assistant, $41,060
• Customer service representative, $35,650
• File clerk, $44,620
• Data entry keyer, $32,530
• Word processor and typist, $41,070
• Executive administrative assistant, $59,400
• Office support worker, $34,800
• Desktop publisher, $45,170

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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