Earn a two-year degree and be on a path to transfer seamlessly to the four-year engineering program of your choice.

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Engineers tend to do better no matter which sector they choose, and they also tend to make good managers. So much so, engineering is the most common undergraduate degree among Fortune 500 CEOs, according to a 2016 survey. Finishing LC State's program, you will have the equivalent of the first two years of a typical Bachelor's of Science in Engineering. Course selection of engineering electives are intended to meet specific engineering discipline specializations for chemical, civil, computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering. This degree is designed to directly transfer to U.S. accredited engineering bachelor programs.

Related Careers

• Engineer, $98,190
• Chemical engineer, $112,430
• Civil engineer, $91,790
• Electrical engineer, $99,580
• Mechanical engineer, $91,500

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“I loved attending LC State and really miss the student-teacher ratio. Many of the engineering classes at universities are large and can generate an environment where students get lost. The professors at LC State are exceptional at creating a fun and educational environment that allowed me to explore many different fields of engineering. Graduating from the engineering program at Lewis-Clark State College prepared me to enter an ABET accredited university at a junior level. I was fully equipped to complete a bachelor’s degree within two years.” - Beau Nuxoll ‘17

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