Human Resource Management

Acquire the knowledge and skills to better manage human resources through a program that is relevant to nearly any career pathway.

Degree Options Certificate, Minor
Locations Lewiston
Department Business Division

This minor prepares students to deal with a variety of human resource issues, including human resource laws, compensation and benefit issues, hiring, training, employee development, evaluation, and termination. The minor requires 21 credits, 15 of which are upper level business courses. The certificate is geared toward individuals who want to enhance their previous educational experiences and/or immerse themselves in coursework related to current job responsibilities or to prepare them for advancement into the HRM field. The certificate requires 12 credits of upper division business classes.

Related Careers

• Human Resource Assistant, $40,700
• Human Resource Specialist, $66,220
• Human Resource Manager, $123,510

Career data and salary information sourced from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“LC State has prepared me to excel as a professional! The accounting, leadership, and human resources courses, as well as many other courses, have contribute to my bookkeeping and payroll startup, Scott Davis’s Accounting Solutions ... Thanks to all my professors and classmates for the great interactive online experience! LCSC is the way to go!” - - Scott Davis ‘17 (online)

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