Pharmacy Technology

Work in retail and institutional pharmacy practice settings alongside a licensed and registered pharmacist.

Degree Options Certificate
Locations Lewiston

Students completing the program will have a basic understanding of anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, pharmacy law, and the therapeutic classification and use of the top 200 prescription drugs. Students will develop skills in pharmaceutical preparation, maintaining patient profiles or records, sterile products preparation, performing stock procedures, communication and presentation, and computer use to enter, store, and recall patient information. The certificate is also offered for students who have completed the Pharmacy Technology certification courses (through LC State’s Workforce Training Program). LC State will convert the courses taken in the Pharmacy Technology certification program to 34 credits. The cost of converting these credits is $340 ($10/credit transcription fee). Thereafter, students must complete six general education core courses in English and communications to complete the ITC.

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Pharmacy Technician, $35,100

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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