Unauthorized P-Card Transactions

Consistent with all purchases by a State agency, the P-Card is not to be used for any purchase that would result in the inappropriate use of State funds. The following constitute examples of inappropriate purchases made with the P-Card:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Any single transaction exceeding $1,999.00 (fixed asset level)
  • Cash advances
  • Donations
  • Entertainment
  • Food/meals (food purchases will be limited to executive management only, unless an exception has been approved by the President)
  • Gas for personal vehicles
  • Gift certificates/gift cards
  • Independent Contractors
  • Items for personal use
  • Medical: Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, etc.
  • Professional services
  • Purchases that involve signing an agreement, license, contract, or lease
  • Salaries and wages

Grant or contract language may specifically restrict the purchase of certain items. It is the responsibility of the P-Cardholder to ensure that all purchases are in compliance with restrictions placed by the grantor or contracting agency.

Mandatory P-Card Usage

To maximize the usage of the P-Card, all purchases from the following vendors require payment via the P-Card:

  • Enterprise Rent A Car
  • LCSC Bookstore
  • Home Depot
  • Office Depot