Red Folder

Response Protocol 

Have you observed disruptive or threatening behavior? Are you concerned about the wellbeing or safety of a student, faculty, or staff member? 

Ask yourself: 

  • Is this person's behavior distressingly out of the ordinary? 
  • Does the behavior place anyone at risk?
  • Does my "gut feeling" tell me something is wrong? 
  • Is the behavior getting worse? 
  • Is dealing with this behavior beyond my skill level?
  • Do I want to discuss my observations and concerns with someone? 


                      Does the Student Need Immediate Assistance? 
  • YES
    • The student's behavior is clearly reckless, disorderly, dangerous, or threatening and suggest immediate harm to self or others. 
    • Response: 

      • Call 9-1-1 AND report to Security 
      • Report the concern to 
        • Behavior Response Team: 208-792-2218
        • Student Counseling: 208-792-2211
    • The student's behavior indicates distress, but the severity is unclear. Your interaction with the student has left you feeling uneasy or concerned about the student. 
    • Response:

      • Report to Security 
      • Email:
      • Call the following for consultation:
        • Student Counseling: 208-792-2211
        • Behavior Response Team: 208-792-2218
  • NO
    • I'm not concerned for the student's immediate safety, but he/she is having significant academic and/or personal issues. 
    • Response: 

      • Refer the student to the appropriate campus resource. 

What if a student is disruptive but does not pose a threat? 

  • Ensure your safety in the environment. Use a calm, non-confrontational approach. 
  • Set limits by explaining how the behavior is inappropriate.
  • If disruptive behavior persists, inform the student that it will be documented and forwarded for disciplinary action. 
  • If the behavior escalates and you believe there is a safety risk, call 9-1-1 and Campus Security 208-792-2226. Also report the behavior to the Behavioral Response Team.