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Business Planning is about research, communication, feasibility, and solutions. Planning can improve decisions.


Business planning with our clients is one of our strengths. This can be a formal process that results in a comprehensive written plan or it can be bouncing ideas around that result is an aha! moment. Some of the other planning results could be: a to do list, an action plan, a strategy, or a cash flow projection spreadsheet. We have some great resources to help with the process.

We provide workshops that include business planning topics such as marketing and financial analysis.  Check out our upcoming workshop schedule.

We also have our own Ten to Plan to help you get started.

The Idaho SBDC website provides some good business plan instructions, including an outline.

If you are looking for business planning software to purchase, we like

The SCORE website provides a financial projections template we have helped clients utilize, as part of their business plan.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) also provides expert business plan help.

For those in the start-up planning stage, the Kauffman Foundation has a series of free videos and instructional materials. The art of start-up finance is my favorite.

My Own Business is another good online site with free business courses, a plan template, and a couple of samples.

If you are looking for some free business plan ideas or sample plans try SBDC Consultants are able to order research specific to your business through this site.

Have you heard of business models? This might help communicate your plan on a single page. We use the Business Model Canvas and tools from Strategyzer

Whether you are interested in direction, feasibility, solutions, growth, getting started, or getting out of business, we can set up an appointment to talk about your business plans. Call us at (208) 792-2465. 

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