North Central Idaho Small Business Development Center

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Resources for Small Business Development including capital, information, and connections


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Small Business Consulting, at no cost to you, is our primary purpose.

Research could be important for determining feasibility and obtaining financing.

Workshops are the way to learn and connect with other small businesses.

Raising Capital can be tough. Find out more.

Business Planning can be about: Direction, Feasibility, Growth, Starting, or Exiting. Let us help.

Our Tip Sheets could make it easier.

North Central Idaho B2B Referrals could be where you find what you need.

Our pages with More Area and Internet Resources could help you find connections and value.

Student Projects can be rewarding.

This Ten Step Small Business Guide from the SBA is a terrific online handbook.

Newsletters from the North Central Idaho SBDC

  "Never stop learning because, life never stops teaching" - Unknown

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