Social Sciences Division

Justice Studies

What is Justice Studies?

The Justice Studies major is designed to provide students with a professional education that will prepare them for a variety of careers in federal, state, and local criminal justice and human service agencies.

The curriculum is strongly oriented to the social and behavioral sciences. As a part of the commitment to developing a professionally oriented student, field training placements in criminal justice agencies are available.

What Can I do With a Justice Studies Degree?

Most entry-level positions for criminal justice majors reside with law enforcement and social service organizations. Many criminal justice professions require candidates to possess strong oral and written communication skills and good computer skills. The ability to speak a second language is also desirable

Depending upon one's career goals, earn a master's degree in disciplines such as criminal justice, forensic science, social work, counseling, or business to obtain positions involving therapy, higher levels of administration, forensics, or research. Earn the doctorate degree for university teaching positions.

Employers for graduates with a Justice Studies degree are numerous and include, among many others,

  • State and federal correction facilities
  • County jails
  • Precinct station houses
  • Youth correction facilities
  • Halfway houses and pre-release programs
  • Reintegration programs
  • Alternative schools
  • Juvenile group homes
  • Banks
  • Private security companies
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Women’s and family shelters 
  • Immigration and naturalization services
  • Other nonprofit organizations
  • Local, state, and federal courts
  • Law firms
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Public interest law organizations
  • Police departments
  • Liquor Control Commission
  • Insurance companies
  • Software companies



The Justice Studies Major has three concentration areas:

  • Policing and Law Enforcement
  • Law and Legal System
  • Corrections and Human Services

For a complete list of requirements, view our Justice Studies Major Program Plan.

You can also view the requirements for a Justice Studies Minor, if you have selected another major.

To make Justice Studies YOUR career choice, contact our Justice Studies Faculty Advisors, Professor H. McMillin, Associate Professor Gary Reed, Professor Gene Straughan and Assistant Professor Angela Wartel.