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By becoming actively involved with campus life you increase your chances of having better academic success. Not to mention finding a community and creating memories that will last a life time.

The LC State Do More App helps you connect with Student Organizations and find campus events. It also works to create a personalized electronic co-curricular transcript to help you track your experiences outside of the class room.

This co-curricular transcript tracks the events and organizations that you participate in, your affiliated leadership roles and tallies your progress in twenty transferable skills encompassed by the five over-arching competencies.

Earn LC Credentials

This credential was developed to echo the mission of LC State. To prepare you to become a successful leader, engaged citizen, and lifelong learner as you transition from student to your professional life.

To earn the Leadership Credential you must demonstrate the characteristics of a skilled and trustworthy leader. The Leadership Credential is designed to help you add value to your experiential learning opportunities by allowing you to gain additional skills in four specific areas of leadership:

  1. Leading Self
  2. Leading Others
  3. Managing Processes
  4. Leading for Legacy

Complete 3 tiers to earn the Leadership Credential:

  1. Tier One - Exploring Leadership
  2. Tier Two - Leadership Expansion
  3. Tier Three - Leader for Life

Find out more about earning the Leadership Credential by contacting the Office of Student Involvement at [email protected] or 208-792-2717.

This credential will help you communicate your experiences (within and outside of the classroom) and make informed decisions as you navigate toward your career goals.

The Career Readiness Credential is designed to help you confidently present your skill set to meet the needs of employers in your field of study.

Complete 3 tiers to earn the Career Readiness Credential:

  1. Tier One - Exploring Career Readiness 
  2. Tier Two - Career Prep
  3. Tier Three - Managing Your Career

Visit the Student Employment-Career Center for more information.

Earn Skills and Competencies

You can earn skills through a variety of paths, the simplest path is by participating in campus events.

Other paths include becoming a member or student leader in Recognized Student Club or Organizations (RSCO).

  1. Verbal & Non Verbal Expression
  2. Using & Adapting to New Technology
  3. Developing Positive Digital Communities
  4. Advocating a View Point

  1. Relationship & Group Development
  2. Motivate & Inspire
  3. Achieving Common Goals
  4. Adapt Leadership Style

  1. Self-Advocate
  2. Inclusivity
  3. Global Mindedness
  4. Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

  1. Creativity & Resourcefulness
  2. Research
  3. Decision Making
  4. Critical Thinking

  1. Organization & Time Management
  2. Integrity & Ethical Behavior
  3. Equitable Practices
  4. Local-Global Engagement

Contact Information

Student Involvement Office

Student Union Building/Center For Student Leadership 220

500 8th Avenue

Lewiston, Idaho 83501