Summer College at Lewis-Clark State College

Why should you enroll in Summer College?

LCSC offers a range of courses in the summer to help you make progress on your degree and career plans.
Here are the top 10 reasons you should enroll in summer:

  1. Most courses are available online so you will have the flexibility to work, travel, and study without missing class.
  2. You can complete required General Education Core courses.
  3. You can complete pre-requisite courses early and be ready for your major courses.
  4. You can enroll in courses that may be full during the Fall and Spring semesters.
  5. You can repeat a course you struggled with during the year and improve your understanding (and your gpa!).
  6. You can focus on just one or two courses at a time, which might improve your learning.
  7. If you take 6 credits in each of 3 Summer College sessions, you might reduce your time to degree completion by half a year.
  8. In some programs, you can complete Internship credits in the summer and be better prepared and more competitive for your career.
  9. Faculty who teach in the summer are eager to teach you.
  10. Summer PELL grants (Financial Aid) are now available for those who qualify, making the cost of Summer College even more affordable.

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